Customized tissues

Paper tissues – a product that is used by everyone.  An advertising interface that evidently represents a remarkable value.

For companies and enterprises, advertising placed on paper tissues is highly effective, and exercises influence in different ways.  It affects the attitude to the brand, while directs attention to the company, product, service concerned.

On the other hand, this attention can be turned more persistent, as customers encounter the advertisement of the company providing the promotional gifts at least ten times, which implements the most important function of advertising, i.e. reinforces the stimulation to purchase, strengthens loyalty towards the company or product.

What can we offer to you?

Our company undertakes to manufacture paper tissues of various qualities in tailor-made packaging of 10x10 pieces.

The paper tissues can be produced

  • from white, coloured or ECO paper
  • in 2, 3 or 4 pliers
  • scented

The look of the packaging film can be fully made to your requests.

For more information,
please have a look at our presentation material!

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